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Transit Unplugged TV Live from Dubai

Dubai, a city not afraid to implement new technologies, including in its public transport networks.
Dive into the details with Ahmad Bahrozyan, CEO of the Road and Transport Authority (RTA), as he shares their vision towards autonomous vehicles and air taxis with Paul Comfort in this latest episode!

This jampacked episode also covers

Innovation around equity and inclusion in public transport

Scott Winks, Managing Director of Trapeze Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa explains how customer experience and environmental impacts are becoming more important for authorities and operators. Technology can help increase convenience, trust and comfort by providing reliable and inclusive technology for public transport. 

Taxi technology improving the driver handover experience

The RTA has cameras installed in every one of their 11,500 strong taxi fleet. This helps to ensures all passengers are safe and that drivers are providing a reliable and consistent service. Every single complaint can be investigated and the necessary action taken.

Restructuring the transport network in Abidjan, Africa

Djan Fanny, Director of Operations AMUGA talks about the challenges of regulating informal operators who are transporting up to 80% of their riders and how a renewal project with World Bank funding is helping to restructure the transport network.

Recently we've been focusing a lot more on softer mobility solutions to complement the backbone systems that we have. ...If they're integrated well they only encourage ridership to increase

- Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO, RTA

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Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi

MENA Industry Leaders

Ahmed Bahrozyan, Abimbola Akinajo, Djan Fanny

Paul Comfort and the panel discuss ways to increase ridership and tactics they have successfully used to bring commuters back to public transport post COVID-19.

He is joined on the panel by Ahmed Bahrozyan, Abimbola Akinajo, Djan Fanny.

Ahmed Bahrozyan

CEO, Road and Transport Authority, Dubai

Ahmed shares how the Dubai RTA manages multiple transport modes across the Emirate, including taxis, buses, ferries and rail. He also talks about the challenges of catering for ridership growth in one of the world’s fastest-growing cities – and air taxis!

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