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Transit Unplugged, is the world’s leading public transport podcast with 120 episodes, over 100 guests, seen in 99 countries and counting! The series has brought leaders in transit from around the globe to tell their personal stories sharing insights on about becoming transit leaders, what future trends we should expect, and interesting innovations happening at their agencies or in their cities.

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Naif Bin Hwail

Executive GM, Transport General Authority, Saudi Arabia

Naif explains how the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rapidly expanding their rail network, why the country is a global e-Hail leader, and the enormous task of moving over 2 million people around Mecca and Medina during the Hajj.

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New Episode

Ahmed Bahrozyan

Esmaeel Hasan Al Blooshi

CEO, Road and Transport Authority, Dubai

Executive GM, Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority

Esmaeel shares his vision to develop a truly integrated multi-modal public transport network incorporating buses, ferries, taxis and limousines to serve the Emirates growing population, supported with business and tourism growth plans.

Ahmed shares how the Dubai RTA manages multiple transport modes across the Emirate, including taxis, buses, ferries and rail. He also talks about the challenges of catering for ridership growth in one of the world’s fastest-growing cities – and air taxis!

– Transit Unplugged’s Host

Paul Comfort is the Chief Customer Officer at Trapeze Group, author of the best-selling book The Future of Public Transportation and a former CEO of the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) - the 11th largest public transport system in the United States.

As host of the award-winning, top-rating public transport podcast Transit Unplugged, Paul facilitates open discussions with public transport leaders on their careers, current projects, and future vision. The agenda is ‘unplugged’ and unscripted, so Paul’s guests share what really matters to them.

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