Transit Unplugged Podcast - Australian Series

Featuring Seven Australian CEO's!

Seven of ANZ's leading transport CEO's will be featured on the "Australian Month" of the world's #1 transport podcast, Trapeze's Transit Unplugged. These executives will openly discuss their careers, current projects and the future of transport. Watch this space to hear their insights in June.

Transit Unplugged is coming to Australia!

Which Transport Leaders feature?

is a former CEO of the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), the 11th largest public transport system in America, the VP of Business Development at Trapeze Group, an author and now host of the award winning, top 12 business podcast on iTunes, Transit Unplugged.

Paul facilitates open discussions with global transport leaders on their careers, current projects and future industry trends. The agenda is kept ‘unplugged’ meaning there is no script, it’s a forum for CEO's to speak frankly about the industry.

Paul Comfort

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