15 Years of Partnership

London today is widely recognised for its global flagship bus network – but it didn’t appear overnight, or without huge effort, vision and collaboration. Together with Transport for London (TfL) we have been on an incredible journey, resulting in iBus, iTram & iBoat. This page reflects on our 15 years of world-leading technology excellence.

The Scale

Today, iBus is a global flagship solution, serving London’s population with complete and accurate information at all times.




Performance-based payments per year



Trips per day

Control Centres



Planned stop

visits per day

Day Converage




Traffic Signals receiving priority requests



Transit Unplugged - Podcast

Hear TfL’s Simon Reed & Andy Byford openly discuss their careers, current projects and the future of transport.

Andy Byford

Commissioner, TfL

Hear Andy address his recent NY City Transit position and his new roles leading the recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic, and his commitment to complete the Cross Rail - Elizabeth Line (Crossrail Ltd).

Simon Reed

Head of Techology & Data, TfL

“We’re responsible for keeping London moving.”

Simon does a deep dive into congestion charging – its history, how it works in London, and how it helps fund TfL. He also discusses why TfL has gone completely cashless.

Tech & Data at TfL: COVID-19 and Beyond

Watch our recent webinar featuring TfL's Simon Reed talk about how he has become a "data scientist", using innovative technology to cater for the new reality, including supporting operational staff, right-sizing their operations, and modifying services to reflect demand. He will also share the five strategies that TfL is planning for in long-term recovery.

Hear TfL's Success

“iBus is seen as one of the most accurate real-time information systems anywhere in the world."

- Simon Reed, Head of Technology & Data, TfL

“iTram will bring London Trams in line with existing TfL performance operational practices already used by London Buses and River Boats, providing commonality of service management. In addition the system will improve London Trams performance data reporting, analysis and management ability by capturing accurate and reliable real-time performance data linked to tram geographic location." Read full quote.

- Terry Hewlett, Systems & Business Manager, TfL

Charting the Road to Success

15 years ago TfL and Trapeze began the iBus journey: one that would take us from a simple line diagram to a truly global flagship bus network. This site charts our shared journey, recalling some key moments, and sets out a plan for continued success in the future.


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