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TEAMS provides taxi operators with the ability to more efficiently manage their drivers. Driver Connect provides a streamlined approach enabling each taxi driver to efficiently access their taxis saving them time and increasing their earning potential.

No More Keys Required

TEAMS (Driver Connect) automates driver and vehicle processes, making it easier for drivers to do their job. Key rooms are no longer required, which avoids lengthy queues and saves a significant amount of time which drivers can use more productively to gain more fares. One of the greatest challenges for taxi authorities and operators is managing thousands of keys which is always a big cost.

Managing Vehicles Remotely

The technology enables drivers to use remote features such as sign on and off, lock the vehicle, open the trunk, and even turn on the lights - all using a smart app. Not only does this allow for a productive start to the drivers shift, but also saves a measurable amount of time and energy. 

Instant Sign On

Facial recognition or fingerprint technology can be used when assigned drivers access the vehicle for dedicated shifts. This allows the driver to verify their identity by instant sign on enabling driver behaviour to be monitored while promoting improved driving.

Location Flexibility

The technology also allows the drivers to streamline their end of shift handover to the next driver, where the location services app means they are no longer required to go back to the depot. This feature affords driver convenience by saving time as it enables the next driver to easily locate the vehicle prior to their shift. This technology makes it possible for drivers to gain access to the nearest available taxi directly from the pool, without needing to get a physical key.

Secure Trips

Security and anti-tampering are increased as only authorised drivers can access the vehicle. When accessing the vehicle, drivers know if the taxi is fit for service or if maintenance is required as fuel level, battery voltage, and odometer readings are displayed. During a shift, drivers can also monitor their behaviour in real-time, including harsh braking and acceleration, which promotes improved driving.  TEAMS also has an emergency alarm and alert feature to help increase driver safety.

Ease of Use

The driver connect app can create opportunities furthering the expansion of operations for authorities and operators. Flexibility and uniqueness are just two of the characteristics employed by the technology. Integrating the technology daily is seamless and will produce cost saving results ensuring manageable operations and consistency across drivers, operators, and authorities. 



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