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Connected Journey

When every second counts, you need seamless communication between your response centre, paramedic, ambulance and hospital to influence better patient outcomes.  Our article 'The Connected Journey' explores how you can meet response targets and deliver on expected community outcomes.

Crucial Connections in the Journey

Tim Blake,
Operational Support Manager

With other vendors, it can take you two years to get the message across. Trapeze has lots of experience in this sector and the knowledge they've gained is priceless. IT for emergency services is about harnessing the way we work, and I think Trapeze has done that.

Trapeze technology and experience is pivotal to helping us realise our connected journey strategy.

Kim Fazackerley,
Manager of Technical Services

Customer Success Stories

Trapeze connects the vehicle paramedic, control centre and hospital through its MDT in-vehicle hardware, solution, communications interfaces and advanced dashboards. All ambulance service stakeholders are connected at each stage of the journey, by providing access to the critical information they need when they need it. The ambulance management solution helps you improve patient response times, enhance patient outcomes and helps ensure paramedics’ safety. Trapeze’s reliable, robust solution helps ambulance services collect and deliver vital information to all stakeholders at each stage of the journey, ensuring:

Fleet Visibility and Efficiency

Highly Informed Crew Journey

Patient and Crew Safety on Site

Optimal Vehicle Routes

Improved Vehicle Maintenance

Business Analysis and Improvement

Trapeze’s Ambulance Management Solution

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Across the Patient Journey

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Mitigating Risk for Paramedics and Volunteers





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