How public transport will become just as convenient as driving a car – and the technology that will take us there

Futuristic transport modes have always been a focus of science fiction novels and movies. From flying cars to amphibious vehicles, space-age machines have captured the imagination of science fiction enthusiasts since the genre became popular in the 1920s.

However, the reality is that transport revolutions happen when the structure of the industry is overhauled - particularly when it comes to public transport. The world is now rapidly moving towards a model where it is just as convenient to use public transport, instead of a privately-owned car. While COVID-19 has accelerated change, other factors – such as climate change and ageing populations – will require transport authorities to meet these new demands.

In this eBook, we present a vision for how new technologies will dramatically change how we all travel. These tools will help create new forms of mobility which, if not quite within the realm of flying cars, will be just as transformative.

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