FEATURED Asset Management Best Practice for Rail

This whitepaper looks at the ISO 55000 series from a rail operations and maintenance point of view, and examines how the right technology can ease the transition to compliance and take your asset management practices from competent to world-class.

Do you want to improve safety, reduce costs and extend the life of your assets?


Trapeze EAM is an integrated enterprise asset maintenance and management software designed for tracking all transit infrastructure.





Tailor-Made For Rail

You can gain insight into your assets' health and improve your understanding of their lifecycle to decrease maintenance and repair costs using the Trapeze EAM.

The other benefit? It reduces the cost of owning and operating infrastructure, while extending their useful life and keeping them safe to operate.

Everything you need to know about asset management today

One of your biggest costs is fleet and asset maintenance. Fortunately, you can now identify failures before they happen and accurately predict when maintenance is needed.

Driving the Shift to Rail by Improving the Customer Experience

There’s more to enterprise asset management than meets the eye. It’s not just about tracking assets; it’s about what you can do with that information – and what that information means to you.

As one North American customer mentioned to us, it’s like the seatbelt effect: do you wear a seatbelt because it’s the law, or because it can save your life? Download the FREE eBook to learn more.

The Seatbelt Effect: An EAM Story

Rail organisations have a vast number of assets to keep track of, making them complex systems to manage. This complexity contributes to difficulty in decision-making for a number of personnel working in the rail industry, ranging from maintenance staff scheduling repairs and managing materials, through to high-level executives making decisions on company policies, fleet management and capital...

Simplifying Decisions When Managing Rail Operations

Rail authorities know that asset management is a critical part of delivering a quality service, operating safely and maintaining customer satisfaction. Every day, rail network riders benefit from experiencing clean and safe stations and trains (the ‘above rail’ assets) along their journey.

Know Your Linear Assets, and Manage For Them

Leading global transport authorities and operators use Trapeze for EAM

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

Proven track record. Proven Success

"By utilising Trapeze for Track Inspection, we have visibility and accountability from the time a defect is discovered until it is repaired, all in one system. While the story is one of improvement throughout Bus, Rail rolling stock, and Facilities, the gains made in managing our linear assets are exceptional."

Tim Elsberry, Assistant Director of Track & Structure, MARTA, United States of America

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